We are three siblings who want to introduce children to animals that aren’t very well known, including some that are endangered. So we created an ABC picture book that features exotic or unusual animals such as bandicoots, pangolins, and tuataras.

The result is a book called “The Great Talent Show Blog”. It features some silly but very cute animal scenarios and fun rhyming lines. We hope the book will inspire children to learn more about these unique animals.

More info: kickstarter.com

Numbat in a top hat

Agouti in a bootie

Bandicoot on a bamboo shoot

Fossa in a toga

Iguana in a bandana

Manatee at a vanity

Okapi in a jalopy

Pangolins twirling javelins

Skink on a rink

Tuatara in a tiara

Urial eating cereal