My name is Ognjen Ivanovic and I want to invite you to join the ride through my hometown, and experience it in some slightly different and magical way.

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Morning coffee

This is how it looks when you don’t even take a sip of coffee, and you’re already on the road. A slightly different tour of Zagreb we start on foot at Maksimir road with a cup of coffee in a hand. The direction Maksimir Park!

Maksimir Park (European best destination)

At the entrance of the Maksimir Park I was looking for a place where I could charge the battery of the cell phone. I stopped at the first log to be merged with the nature.

Cell phone vegetation

In the future, this is how it looks an advertisement for the first recycled smartphone, while in the Maksimir Park the future is today and you can catch the live photos of nature like this one.

Public transport

We leave Maksimir Park behind us. We catch public transport (tram or bus). When you hear “tickets please!”, but you haven’t bought it… look at the picture!

Music Academy

You came to the City center, the architecture delights you. You photographed the Music Academy. But hey…. chill out before uploading on Bored Panda.

Fibonacci staircase

Climb up to the Upper Town with the help of an endless stairway.

Zagreb under the sea

Walking along the city rarely we raise our eyes from the sidewalks. But sometimes, magical things happen above us, and we’re not even aware of it. Check out the view from the Strossmayerovog promenade and take the picture as proof… because otherwise no one would believe you.

Network error – “Wi-Fi people”

Go down the stairs near Zagreb Funicular Railway connecting the Upper and Lower town, but there was an error on network, so all the People around me started popping out from my screen.

Rainy morning and happy umbrellas

Tour the Zagreb cannot pass without one cloudly and rainy Tuesday. We will pass through the Importanne Centre under the Main Railway Station in order to reach the following photo…

Slide road

You’re tired, barely walking, do not worry, go down the road slide to „Zagreb sea“ aka Jarun Lake.

Jarun Lake

Enjoy the view on the Lake Jarun.

When the ground turns 90°

Walking around the path and looking for a place to drink coffee on the terrace, it can easily happen that the earth turns by 90°. In this case, grab nearest public lighting pole or something like that.

End of the road?!

If you are not surprised by the Earth rotation, you can be astonished by other natural phenomena and surprises. But it will be fun.

“Hendrix” bridge

The Hendrix bridge is “must see” on your return home.

“Rotor” New Zagreb

Sprint shoots me out od my shoes. There was only my shadow waiting for Someone.

Botanical Garden

After Maksimir and Jarun if you are longing for nature, visit Botanical Garden where you will get flora overdose.

Underpass to…

New Zagreb hides outdoor hallways to another time. From hard working week, it brings me straight to weekend.


This slightly different Tour the Zagreb has finished. Shoot some selfie for the end.