Around six years ago, when I first started photographing abandoned buildings and objects, I fell in love with photographing abandoned pianos. Since then, I haven’t stopped photographing this beautiful instrument. I can honestly say that I’ve been drawn even more towards it. It’s amazing to imagine the music that would have once played in these decaying places. Pianos are so beautiful – I love their shape and how they are crafted. When I want to unwind, I always listen to piano music. It’s so relaxing, and when I know there is a piano in the building I’m photographing, it’s the first thing I run off to. It’s my favourite instrument.

The pianos in this post have been shot throughout Europe in different types of buildings. I’ve visited villa’s, palaces, theatres, hospitals, castles, factories and even Chernobyl to shoot these. Enjoy the photos.

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Broken and Abandoned Piano

Piano on the Stage

Piano in the Hall

Piano in the Dust

Piano in a Theatre

Keyboard in the Hall

Piano against the Wall

Piano in a Villa

Piano in a Hospital

Piano in a Theatre

Piano on Stage

Piano Shop

Piano in a Theatre

Piano in a Palace