Etymologically, symbiosis is defined as a long-term association between two organisms of different species that can benefit from this relationship or not. It was the reflection of this concept that the Brazilian photographer Wander Rocha decided to express in his project “Simbiose.” Of the two species, one vitally depends on another. However, one of them, man, depreciates, and mutilates the environment so crucial for its survival.

“My main intention when generating the images is to transform these two species into one. Demonstrate through representations that human life cannot walk alone. All beings are important in this journey so that there is no imbalance and, consequently, the end of earthly life. ”

“Implicitly, apart from beauty, the use of portraits of black characters — mixed with elements of nature — is a way of provoking and leading the public to reflect on two flags that cannot be left aside, especially in our current political moment: racial prejudice, camouflaged and denied by a good part of the Brazilian population, and environmental depredation due to market ambitions.”

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