I am photographer living in the Middle East. Most of the weddings I shoot with my partner include elaborate beaded & bedazzled ball gowns. Enormous skirts, giant heels and layer upon layer of tulle are all par for the course, everything it takes to make a princess dream wedding session.

But I was floored when one bride stepped out in a golden ball gown, hair bumped to perfection, and the infectiously bubbly nature of a true Disney princess; she had transformed into Belle of Beauty and the Beast. Funny thing, the bride had no idea what I was talking about when I told her that she looked exactly like Belle. Despite confusion by my enthusiasm and insistence on finding a single red rose, the couple played along and what resulted was an amazing Beauty and the Beast themed wedding shoot.

I believe the results were magical.

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There was so much Belle remeniscent goodness packed in this dress that I spent a good amount of time trying to capture it all from above

Once I saw the dress, I sent the entire bridal party into a frenzy to find a single red rose… while maid of honor and best man showed up empty handed, the owner of the garden where we planned our session saved the day

Thankfully the bride was happy to indulge in what quickly became a Disney fantasy princess wedding

And while he was no Beast, the groom certainly mastered the stormy gaze for much of the photo shoot

With time, the groom revealed his inner Prince Charming

The magic is all in the details

But truly, theirs is a fairy tale ending

And just one more touch of magic to close the night