Melbourne photographer Rachael Dols has combined her skills of working with animals and love for photography to create unique and bubbly portraits of different animals.

Rachael creates striking portraits with flair and personality to reflect the individuality of each creature. She designs and paints her own backdrops to use in the shoots. Each backdrop is carefully painted with the rights colours and tones based on the animal she is working with.
Her work is created in the studio or on location working with animals and their handlers to bring out that quirky pose.

Each portrait is different and completely unique. She likens her work to that of human portrait photographers, but her subjects are usually the furred, feathered or scaled variety.

“I love the idea of creating work of animals that resemble something similar to how a human would be photographed. I like to make the animal the celebrity in my work.” – Rachael.

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Centrilian Python

Yellow Sided Conure

Scottish Fold

ISA Brown Hen


Black Headed Python