With an eye for details and a camera always on him, Russian photographer Vadim Trunov captures the unimaginable beauty of some of nature’s more unnoticeable creatures. His vibrant photos reveal the uniqueness of the world at our feet, the world of insects and snails.

With many of these shots taken just outside his house in Voronezh, Trunov shows us that nature’s beauty is in the details and we don’t need to travel far to find it. Instead, his photos seem to suggest that, if we pay enough attention to our surroundings, we will surely discover a fascinating world beaming with life.

Using his incredible skill in macro photography, the talented artist manages to capture the most surprising moments as they unfold in front of his eyes, and then shares them with us. Take a look for yourself and you may just find that you’re starting to appreciate more the small things in life.

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Some of us call this home

Welcome! I’m happy to see you

We are all friends here

We like to spend time together (“Wow! … did you see that?”)

And sometimes we also spend time by ourselves

We are active most of the time

But we also take time to rest

Sometimes the rain just gets in the way

But we continue anyway

And we always overcome our obstacles

And we get to where we want to go

We also stay up till late

Some of us till very late

And when it’s morning… we start all over again.