I guess I got tired of seeing fashion or beauty Magazines and their Covers. I tried to understand the fascination with being featured in a magazine. I loved the visual art part of it, but I couldn’t find the actual content. I realized that I wasn’t the only one when I saw a video where the ads were removed from a 160-page magazine and were left were 40 pieces of content.

But what about the people that are glorified? Who were they? And what do they have to offer? Through my work, I meet a lot of regular people and a few celebrities from time to time. I try to get to know everyone on a slightly deeper level before we shoot so I can incorporate their personality and story into the image. But there’s always this one segment of the population, the one that you regularly see on our magazine that I couldn’t get any content out of in real life.

So here’s a little set incorporating the magazine aesthetic that I love but with content that you probably were thinking about yourself but would never see in an actual Magazine Cover.

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