I always thought babies are so cute and funny. Until I got one. And I realised, that it´s not only about cuteness but it´s a wonder of nature. They are such a complex little beings with all the necessary organs which function together in a perfect algorithm of unknown concept of life.

Baby is a miracle, who brings a new life in one’s life. You are literally being reborn once again. And you fall in love with him (or her) day by day more and more. Last year, 2015, has been full of miracles for me and my husband. With these series I wanted to illustrate the process of becoming a human. From the first week till today.

I used my camera photographing my baby (not every) week and also used digital hand drawing to illustrate the story of evolution. Hope you like it. Today we celebrate 1st birthday of our little Lou. Happy birthday!

More info: lilihd-louis.tumblr.com