My name is Arnold Lan and I have wanted to get married for as long as I can remember. I am also an avid traveller with a passion for photography. Throughout my travels, there have been countless moments where I was blown away with what I was seeing, experiencing, or eating, but there was always a subtle pang in the back of my mind, “I wish I got to experience this with my wife instead”. Thus the project “Dear Future Wife” was born!

That’s when I approached my talented illustrator friend Grace Kwok with an idea of drawing the “future wife” into my photographs. She represents all of our future spouses that we long for. The wife character is sometimes a tourist with me, and other times she breaks the law of physics and reality.

Dear Future Wife is an on-going series of love letters of photo-illustrations for both those longing for future love, and to encourage us that there is love within ourselves.

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Starry Sunset


Hide and Seek

First Snow

Night Sky

Subway Dress


Skip a rock

Heart on Sleeve