My name is Raquel, I’m a photographer, a panda fan (as you’ll see) and I started doing these chronicles for fun, to keep myself creative and do something totally different to my usual photography work.

How did I start with this? Well, my best friend gave me panda as a nickname, we can’t even remember why but that’s how this started. After that, she gave me a small plush panda and one day I went out with a group of friends to shoot some street photos. I took my panda and made it my model for the day. I had a lot of fun doing it so I decided to take the panda in every opportunity or trip I had and some friends after seeing the first pictures started giving me more plush pandas for my chronicles.

It has taken me more than a year, at first I wanted to make a daily photo but it wasn’t always possible. It’s been a lot of fun, people sometimes ask me why I’m taking photos of the panda, the kids love to see it, even the adults take a look and smile. For me besides of all the fun, it makes me think in a more creative way, and in every picture there’s a small part of my personality. And pandas are great models! :)

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Feeling bold

Little panda was solitude, or at least he thought he was

Coffee time

Let’s go to the beach

Did I tell you he’s a great model?

Visiting Neptune

Panda trips

Xmas panda

Panda and the air balloon, lucky him


Draw me a panda

Trick or treat?

How can you say “No” to a panda?

Double exposure panda

Time for a nap

Can I take a swim?

Pandas saying goodbye to the city