I used to work in conflict zones and the organisation I worked for would encourage us to leave every three months for a week or 2 to relax and decompress. They would even give us some pocket money!

I chose Ethiopia for my first trip. It was my first experience of Africa and I was blown away by the diversity of landscapes, people and cultures within one country.

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Mersi Tribeswoman In The Omo Valley

Birds In The Nechisar National Park, Arba Minch

The Blue Nile falls

Without The Lip Plate The Lower Lip Just Hangs Out

Boys Pose In Tissiat

Lake Tana, home of Hippos

Villagers In Tissiat On The Banks Of The Blue Nile

Orthodox Priest In A Village On An Island Lake Tana

Scarification on their chests in different patterns

Market Day In Lalibela

Lalibela Saturday market attracts thousands of people, many of whom walk many miles to come and trade in the scorching heat

Labourer Working On Road Construction Outside Bahir Dar

Outside Bahir Dar

Saturday Market In Lalibela

Mersi Boy

Brother And Sister In The Nechisar National Park, Arba Minch

Always Smiling

Lake Tana

I love their use of recycled objects for their jewellery

The Blue Nile

Apart from special occasions, I think they only put in these lip plates for the tourists

Hamar Tribeswoman With A Watch Strap Necklace