As a child I grew up reading and watching a whole lot of fairytale inspired books and movies, though to most children’s disappointment these things never come true. For example where are all the trolls from Per Gynt’s forests? Or what about the perfect Disney worlds? And why won’t I ever see the fairies hiding in a world behind the stone with a key-shaped whole in it?

Don’t get me wrong, I have always appreciated the beauty of our world, but the fact that I have these magical descriptions in my head but nowhere to find them, is saddening.

This was until I got my camera and decided to capture our wonderful world in it’s prime glory. If you just slow down and look around you, you’ll start seeing the most beautiful details on our earth. Everything from the sun setting in a dark forest to snails resting on a petal, you’ll discover that we are pretty damn lucky to live in a place like this.

So with no more further ado, these are some of my photos proving that we don’t have to look for anything beyond what we’ve already got. The tales we are growing up with are always based on something, and that something is the beauty we experience on this planet.

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To start the show of, this is one of my favourite places on our earth. I took the photo while visiting my grandparents in the north of Sweden and the Colors do the picture the justice it deserves. The flag of this place is blue, green and white, do I need to say more?

Our wonderful world has a sky which is the most beautiful thing

The sky has a sun which let’s us watch it while settling behind the mountains

If it wasn’t for our sky we wouldn’t have rain

It also gives us a peak while lowering through the autumn coloured woods

Without the sun, we wouldn’t have sunsets making the sea purple

Or lakes reflecting it’s golden color

Or snow

If we didn’t have the four different stages of seasons, we wouldn’t have the colorful blooming during spring

Nor the leafless forests during winter

If it wasn’t for our planet, we wouldn’t have little creatures like this lurking around

Or bigger beings with horns like this

Or what about our very graceful personalities living on the seas

Speaking of seas, what would our world be without these wonders?

A place without calm

No sound of waves crashing against cliff walls

No beaches with sea bluer than the sky

Nor a place where you go when the sun is just a bit too hot

Though we can’t forget about the woods that cover around thirty percentage of our earth

A magical place which has inspired most of today’s fairytales

Not only with it’s luminous green colors

But with it’s mystical glades in the middle of the dark woods

These green areas grow poisonous little things

Eatable little things

Beautiful little things

Tiny little living things

This is a place where people go to seek their inner peace.

Or get tired off and leave for newer destinations

Like these colourful mountains for example

Or for the less coloured, but more breathtaking heights

Then there are the ones that would rather stay in the very green valleys

Hiking with sheep

Or maybe you just prefer to stay in the country side and take it all in your own pace

Go picking flowers all day

No matter what color

These things are part of the beauty of our eart

And so is the grass, which let’s us walk barefoot on in during summer days

For me, some of the most relaxing things to do is to pick stones and shells along the beach..

Or sit by the sea and watch the sun go down

Either way our planet is wonderful in every way, but when there just isn’t enough magic in the nature we sometimes have to take things in our own hands and build stuff like this