Good ideas are rare- when we get them, we like to share.

Sometimes they appear while taking a shower, sometimes while stuck in a traffic jam; and every so often, one will show up in your dreams. They do not pop up every day, but when they do, we are delighted by them :).

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#1 Spaghetti Monster / Pasta Colander

Don’t let his beady eyes fool you, this spaghetti monster is a straining master. And if you’re planning a spaghetti dish, this noodle master will grant your wish!
Designed to look like the infamous flying spaghetti monster deity, don’t be afraid to place this strainer on your head if you believe in the world’s most peaceful religion- Pastafarianism ;).

#2 Nessie Tale / Bookmark

Nessie Tale is the newest member of the Nessie Family, which includes the famous Nessie Ladle.
Nessie Tale is a bookmark that is sure to guarantee a legendary read!
Let Nessie guide you deep into the plot, and when you stop, she’ll save your spot!

#3 Gracula / Garlic Twist

Any other vampire would run a mile at the sight of garlic. But not Gracula- one twist of his head and he will crrrush your garrrlic to smithereens… Mwahahahaha!

#4 Tipsy / Wicked Witch Bottle Stacker

This witch prefers wine to whiskey. Made of two parts, Tipsy is designed to look like she got smashed by your bottles.
The witch-hunts of Salem didn’t catch her, but your private collection sure did…
With Tipsy’s help, your bottles won’t rock or all, she’s got them all under control ;).

#5 Bigfoot / Salad Tongs

From a forest far away this friendly Bigfoot would like to join you for dinner.
Let him toss and serve your salad and he’ll be your priMATE for life!
Bigfoot is available in White and Brown.

#6 Space Masher / Potato Masher

Potatoes beware – there’s a new masher in town. This rocket-shaped masher is on a mission to make mashed potatoes that are out of this world!
Called ‘Space Masher’, this product is built to look like a rocket taking off from your mashed potato dish, leaving behind billowing clouds of smoke.