Matt Hayward & Paul Flood, two Kent, UK based Illustrators, have started a Kickstarter campaign to realise a range of 24 cat-themed greeting cards. Both attended UCA in Rochester (formerly KIAD) before going on to work freelance for a number of years. Now they’ve teamed up to create a series of images for occasions ranging from birthdays to baby showers, exams to Xmas and some harder to find ones such as gay weddings/anniversaries and even pirate’s day.

The campaign started on 16th November and runs to 16th December. Their goal is £500 which will allow them to print a run of the current designs and continue working on new ones. They’ve already reached 50% of their goal in the first 48hrs and would love people to head over to the Kickstarter to share their thoughts on the current designs and what they’d like to see next.

More info:


Thank You

Gay Wedding



Mother’s Day


[C]AT-AT Walker

Lesbian Anniversary


Baby Shower


Get Well Soon


Pirate’s Day