After experiencing a plus size pregnancy and now a plus size postpartum body, I never realized just how much judgement I would receive. With all of these opinions surrounding motherhood and postpartum bodies, especially on Instagram, I decided to spread some positivity throughout those little squares in hopes to remind maybe just one mama that she is not alone.

Motherhood is full of experiences ranging from overwhelming to extremely gratifying to down right hilarious. Dealing with our postpartum bodies on top of those minute-by-minute emotions can be scary, but we’re all beautiful. And I’m just hoping to be that daily reminder.

Here are just a few of my little Insta-mom-ents to help bring positivity and light to your day.

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It’s okay to set a big goal, even if it seems far away

It’s okay to need a moment, that one minute to take a deep breath

It’s okay that you don’t have the “perfect” body, you’re still a beautiful mama

It’s okay that you don’t know which stretch marks came from your pregnancy, you’re still strong as a mother

It’s okay if you just want to be represented, we deserve representation too

It’s okay that your current season isn’t as tough as another mama, your struggle is still hard

It’s okay that you haven’t mastered balancing mom life with exercise, I miss days too

It’s okay if you breastfed or bottle fed, you did the best you could

It’s okay to post a postpartum belly photo, even if it’s more than just loose skin

And at the end of the day, it’s okay to laugh about it, sometimes laughter is the best medicine

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