Each one of these windows I have peered through and each one on their own has its own unique story, some are over 200 years old. I am based in Tasmania Australia and take pictures of abandoned places. One of the first things I look for inside are the windows. People seem to love them on my page so I thought why not show some here, from my large growing collection.

I hold immense respect for the places I visit. I am not a criminal nor do I condone criminal activity. I would never force entry, never steal, never alter what I find. Entering and exiting, leaving perhaps a footprint only I will capture and document “the story” via imagery and deliver it in a way I see it.

What I document today may at some stage return to dust – nature or mankind make change and win in the end.

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200 year old view

Abandoned Church

Old Hotel

200 year old view

Abandoned Inn