While one of my aunts was rummaging through Grandpa’s possesions, she found an old cardboard box containing some stamps. When she was about to throw it away, I asked to keep it.

But under those few stamps, I discovered another 3 layers hidden under what seemed to be the bottom, making a total of 218 stamps dated mostly around 1960, and some from the 70’s and 80’s (some don’t include the date so there could be older ones). They are from all over the world.

I never heard about Grandpa being a stamp collector, so I have no idea about how they ended there (maybe they belonged to any of his or grandma’s siblings), and I don’t know if they are valuable at all, but they are a piece of history (some of the countries don’t exist anymore under those names) and the pictures on them are pretty, so I tried to classify them and scanned them for you to see.

In some you can even see the city from where they were sent from on the post office’s ink stamp. List of places I have identified so far:

USA, Canada, Argentina, Perú, Cuba, Colombia, Brazil, Venezuela, México, Japan (stamps sent from Nagasaki), Hong Kong, Singapore, India, Bengal, Tunisia, UAR (Egypt nowadays I think), Kuwait, Algeria, Syria, Israel, Senegal, France, Sweden, Portugal, England, Italy, Germany, Netherlands or Holland (not sure), Greece, Spain and Belgium.

#1 I ordered the stamps in clear files to classify them easily and preserve them better (they are pretty well conserved for having being forgotten in a cardbox that many years)

#2 USA Part 1

#3 USA Part 2 and Canada

#4 Argentina

#5 Venezuela

#6 México

#7 Brazil [Brasil], Perú, Cuba & Colombia

#8 France Part 1 [Republique Française]

#9 France Part 2 [Republique Française]

#10 Switzerland Part 1 [Helvetia]

#11 Switzerland Part 2 [Helvetia], Portugal and Spain [España]

#12 The Netherlands or Holland (not sure) [Nederland]

#13 Greece [Ellas] and Belgium [Belgie, Belgique]

#14 Germany [Deutsche] & Italy [Repubblica Italiana]

#15 England (not sure about the first 2 but seems the same currency)

#16 Japan [Nippon], Hong Kong, Singapore, India, Benghal?, Tunisia [Republique Tunisienne], Egypt (nowadays) [UAR], Kuwait, Alger [Algerie], Syria, Israel & Senegal