Sadly, a time machine is not available yet. However, if you’ve been wondering how life in Germany looked before WWI, don’t bother looking for uranium, just get the new photobook, “Germany Around 1900.” The historical pictures will take you there from the very first page!

The book contains 800 vintage photos and postcards that were produced around 1900. It gives a peaceful and nostalgic glimpse into the lives of the bourgeois German people before the terrors of the WWI, and the turn of the 20th century seemed full of promise.

Of course, color photography was not available back then. “These historical photos are all rare examples of the photochrom process, a printing technique that allowed black-and-white photographs to be reproduced in color,” writes the publisher Taschen. The book with all these beautiful photos inside costs €150 and comes in English, French, and German.

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Schwerin grand-ducal palace, Mecklenburg

Wernigerode Town Hall

Castle of Sigmaringen

The coast around Westerland

Bedroom, Neuschwanstein Castle, south of Munich

Heinstein Castle near Trechtingshausen / Butchers’ Guild Hall, Hildesheim

Bastei Bridge

Frederick Bridge and Berlin’s cathedral

Traditional German kitchen