This is one of those nights where you scroll endlessly on Facebook and DING something amazing pops out. I gotta admit that I thought I was dreaming when I first saw the video. I had to rewatch it 3 times because it was so unreal!!

So what’s so special about this suitcase?

It has 2 jelly-like ears that wiggle when you touch or move it. And YES you heard me right, it happens to be a carry-on luggage at the same time. Let me repeat! This Is A Suitcase With 2 EARS On It!!

How many times in life, you saw something and that makes you wonder how they came up with that idea and made it possible? In my mind, I felt Nyan Cat flew straight into a luggage and voilà, it came to life!


More info:

These are the delicious macaron colors!!

I used all my lunch money to get this Black Moon baby. Super cute with a slice of evil hehe

I want the one she has too!!! but too broke right now : P

Enough talking. Here’s the video that I saw: