Summer is coming! It’s time to think about meadow, birds and picnics. So I decided to make a foldable picnic table with two wine holders and additional space for grapes and cheese.

Small project, but very satisfying to make and.. to use.

More info:

I started from the raw material – oaken board which I get from my neighbor

I like working with oak. As You can see even from such dirty, stain and tainted piece it is possible to get beautiful boards.

First cut – get rid of bark

Second cuts – preparing the wood for the table top

I make the top from two glued pieces to avoid distortion in the future

After planning raw material it’s time to glue it

Now the holes for wine glasses. And the top is almost ready

Finished table top after sandpapering. You can see how nice it reflects the light

To get that effect I used sandpaper with grit from 200 to 800.

Table has one leg from two glued wooden parts

Leg is foldable. Here I’m creating simple folding mechanism

Folding mechanism is really simple. Two holders with a hole through them and a leg. Holders are glued to the bottom of the table top.

Now it’s time to make a pivot for folding mechanism. I used some fancy old nail for it

Final and most satysfying step – staining

After staining I also put a 3 thin layers of the lacquer (spray)

Picnic table in action

Now it’s time to enjoy the picnic

Video in which I’m making the table from raw materials till the final picnic

I encourage to watch this video. I tried to make it as much relaxing and nice to watch as possible (considering my directors skills ;) )

For those who don’t like videos I’m attaching pictures from the built process.