Amazing images to canvas right from Mother Earth! We are professional geologists who love taking photographs of rocks and minerals down a microscope.

The results are breathtaking! All textures and colours are natural and unmodified. These images look fantastic as prints or canvas.

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A gabbro with amphibole-clinopyroxene grains (bright colours), quartz and plagioclase (white and grey colours), and magnetite (black). From an iron oxide-copper-gold deposit (Wawa, Ontario, Canada)

This is a deformed and brecciated plagioclase grain from a gold deposit (Wawa, Ontario, Canada)

A plumous textured radial spray of brightly coloured rare earth elements in a granite. This rock is from a rare earth element deposit (Northern Quebec, Canada)

White-brown biotite intergrown with black magnetite. The rock has been folded and deformed. This rock is from an iron ore mine in Northern Canada (Baffinland, Nunavut)

Beautiful irridescent muscovite blades from a gold deposit in South America (Guyana, South America)