It’s well known that Scandinavians have a decent sense of humour… but who their sheep did, too?!

Their 4 wooly mascots are HILARIOUS, with decent amounts of sass, rapping and well-made Game of Thrones references.

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“Just call me Kari-nerys Baaa-rgaryen. Mother of Sheep, Breaker of Farm Gates, Queen of the Ewes, Knitting and The First Lambs, The Unsheared, Queen of Lofoten, Queen of the Islands, Baaa-halesi”

“My sheep wool brings all the girls to the farm, and they’re like, nobody is better than Lars. Ewe damn right, and I charge.”

“Some say he only eats gold-plated grass. Others say his wool is softer than velvet. The myth. The legend. Lars from Trøndelag.”

“Adventure loving, grass eating, Viking metal rocking sheep looking for hiking partner to enjoy epic views with. No strings attached.”

“Gigi Hadid and co, watch out. This Norwegian sheep is on the rise and after your modelling contracts!”