Kamalapur Railway Station, Dhaka. The largest railway station of Bangladesh and the most important terminal for railway transportation between Dhaka and the rest of Bangladesh. Lots of street children live here and most of them don’t know about their family. For some children, this station is both their birthplace and death place. Most of these children are illicit offspring of poor females. Some of these children grow up to be thieves, some carry baggage for railway passengers and others collect and sell empty plastic bottles for money. Some of these children are also those who are abandoned by their parents who cannot facilitate for them. Under these circumstances, girl children usually grow up to engage in prostitution while boys grow up to become drug addicts. Many NGOs work hard to give them a brighter future but it is not enough.

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When he was smoking on the railway track, I captured some photos of him. When he saw me he was still smoking. I asked his name many times but he didn’t tell me. He just told his age and he was only 9-years-old

I asked his name. But he didn’t tell me.He is only 9 years old.and He has only one hand. He told me “I amputated one of my arms on a whim triggered by friends to become a beggar on the streets”

His name is Nishad. A homeless street boy of Kamalapur railway station

A street boy was trying to jump from train’s rooftop

A legless beggar was taking marijuana

When that bagger of Kamaplapur Railways station was mixing marijuana in a cigarette

This man’s hand got burnt somehow. He is a beggar at Kamalapur. He uses the money he earns from begging to buy marijuana

Her name is Bokuli. She is also a street child at Kamalapur Station. She sings very well

This girl is 14 (approximate) years old and taking one kind drug at Kamalapur railway station

Smoking women is not a common sight in Bangladesh and is seen as a taboo. This is a homeless woman who lives in Kamalapur Railway Station

She is a sex worker at Kamalapur railway station. She was sleeping at rooftop of the station

This lady is mentally ill. She lives somewhere near Kamalapur rail station. One day she entered the station wearing nothing but a bra. Then people at the station, including the police, beat her up to remove her from there

Some street child was sleeping near ticket counter at kamalapur railway station at 5 am

This boy was crossing the rail line quite riskily while a train was coming into the station. This is how they normally cross the rail lines

This man is a drug abuser and mugs people during the night for items which he can sell for money which he then uses to purchase more drugs. There are many others like him

There is an NGO school in Kamalapur for street children and their education

This girl is named Moyna. She collects used bottles from streets and sells them in the shops at 1taka/bottle. In this photo she is writing something at NGO school

A homeless man in Kamalapur Railway Station

His name is Kuddus. His birth and death place is Kamalapur Railway Station. It was 6:00 am. I discovered his dead body first. He didn’t know about family, local people told me