Any fan of the video game Fortnite will recognize this popular harvesting tool. But you won’t need to spend any V-bucks or have any sewing skills to turn a regular hoodie into a Rainbow Smash Pickaxe!

Follow the steps to make your own!

More info:

Here is the materials you will need

– Teal Hoodie
– Felt – green, yellow, pink, purple, teal, gold
– Craft foam disc
– Pink spray paint
– Metal Rings
– Googly Eye
– Fabric Glue
– Fabric Scissors
– Serrated knife
– Hot Glue Gun
– Safety Pins

Put on hoodie and track the outline of your head onto the craft foam disc

Cut out the shape plus the spiked mane

Spray paint in layers until covered

Cut out green, yellow and pink felt as shown

Cut out two strips of purple for the forehead straps

Create the horn with felt and stuff with cotton balls

Cut out ears as shown and fold in half, securing with fabric glue

Assemble the hoodie by gluing on the felt strips as shown

Cut slits to attach the horn and the ears

Attach the horn and ears securing with glue and safety pins

Glue on the eyes

The finished hoodie!