If you are like most people, stepping on to a scale usually gives you (the dreadful kind of) butterflies.

In hopes of reducing the user’s anxiety, New York-based digital design studio PARTY NY took a fun and innovative approach by creating The Scale of Things.

The Scale of Things is a cool prototype that lets you learn about how much you weigh in familiar, everyday things.

By stepping onto the custom-designed scale, you can see how heavy you are in cats, bananas, or even pizza slices!

The idea was inspired by arcade game machines and the setup consists of a digital scale connected to an LED screen.

Who would have thought that weighing yourself could be a fun experience?

More info: prty.nyc

The Scale of Things concept video

Watch cute animated graphics accumulate at the bottom of the screen

The Scale of Things consists of a digital scale connected to an LED display

Hop on to see your weight translate to things like pizza slices