The retro pin-up style which stems back to the time of World War I is back. Popularized by the likes of Marilyn Monroe and icon Bettie Page, the pin-up look continues to defy conventional beauty norms. In Arizona, I met a group of confident women representing the new generation of pin-up girls. They come in all shapes and sizes but are all united by one objective: celebrating women’s identity and embracing their bodies.

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Kandy K – mother, makeup artist and stylist

From Hawaii to Arizona to break beauty standards

“I shaved my hair but I can still represent Pin-Up girls”

“Love your body”

Pin-up girls and tattoos have a rich history together

Old-school beauty

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Pin-up girls getting ready for a beauty pageant

Elevating women’s self-esteem

A modern pin-up girl poses with a vintage car

Pin-up girls encourage women to embrace their bodies and curves