TRAKTOR | Magnetic wood is a magnetized, solid wooden cube ready to be the playful assistant in your daily routine. It is designed to give your keys, your kitchenware or just about any other metal utensils a pin pointed place. And with just a touch of your imagination you can integrate Traktor in a strategic and inventive way in your home. 

Designed by Jan Van Look, an aging hippy who loves to work with wood and bring beautiful, playful design to people’s lives ad living spaces. Based in Antwerp from his small work shop, Jan got fed up of looking for his keys in the rush hour morning and decided to do something about it. This was when TRAKTOR was born. Realising how much TRAKTOR can help with other daily routines Jan started to use them for just about everything! Holding his dogs lead, daughters dummy, kitchen wear, his razor in the bathroom. Simple, beautiful, craftsmanship. This will launch on Kickstarter tomorrow, 14th and we would love boredpanda to be the first to write about it!!

Kitchen love

It’s time to cook

everyone loves the force of magnets

pull me closer

where did i put the remote?

I will never lose my keys again!

endless ideas

the colours of love


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