My name is Gillian and I’m a designer, maker and daydreamer behind the Lost Forest. I began creating unique treasures in 2012, after being influenced by autumnal leaves caught beneath the shallow water of a puddle of rain. It looked like a magical world had been trapped beneath the water and I desperately wanted to re-create that moment. After weeks and months of researching, I chose a bio-based eco resin as the material to use for my jewellery. It was a relatively new material at the time, with only myself and two other jewellery designers using it.

My journey began from there with years of researching and constant self-learning. I eventually developed a sophisticated and highly skilled technique to ensure a superior product. I use a degassing chamber for my resin; that is the only way to achieve a beautiful crystal clear finish and an inherently strong form. The eco resin I use also has UV stabilising technology built into its composition, ensuring no yellowing will occur over time.

Each and every piece is handcrafted over a period of 2-3 weeks and is a laborious process that only a passionate craftsperson can sustain over the years. I collect all the natural elements that are encapsulated in the jewellery, and expertly dry and preserve them to retain their colour and form. Flowers are picked fresh from the sun-drenched countryside, moss and lichen are gathered from the forest floor of the magical Irish woodlands, and seashells are collected from the windswept shorelines. I combine these organic inclusions with gold, silver or rose gold leaf, which is a signature and original style I created in the beginning of my career. The results are timeless; tiny glittering portions of Ireland forever trapped within wearable keepsakes.

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Pink Hydrangea pebble necklace

Buttercup Pebble pendant

Golden Autumn leaf eco resin necklace

Eco resin bangle with real guinea fowl feathers

Inspired by nature – “Emerald Isle” eco resin earrings

Guinea fowl feather and gold leaf bottle necklace

“My One True Love” eco resin ring

“Irish Cornflower” eco resin necklace

“Irish Sea” eco resin cufflinks

Eco resin globe with tiny shards of glittering gold leaf

My studio desk brimming full of ideas & inspiration

I always surround myself with botanicals, feathers, wildflower guides, candles and music. Ideas usually come very easily when working here.