Mat Miller is an incredible illustrator based in Bristol, UK.

Utilizing a 0.5mm technical pencil, a pentel pocket brush pen, unipin fineliner pens, watercolors, acrylic ink, and various graphic applications, he has crafted an impressive world of imaginary animals.

The animals are known as Bestial Spirits: The Loners.

More info:


Smudge is a Cat Spirit and a member of the Loner Clan. Since Smudge is a hunter, and a good one at that, she is able to provide for herself while simultaneously advising the Four Leaders of the clan. She is smart, shrewd, and tactful, and her advice is cherished by those who are willing to listen to it. Also, being a feline spirit, she has the occasional ability to spy into the future, though she never sees anything good.


Crediciumis (known by his clan as Cred) is a Badger Spirit and a member of the Loner Clan. The word “crediciumis” translates literally into “my lazy flower” in the old language of the ancient spirits, and no one is exactly sure why Cred chose this as his name. Whatever the case, he is a defender of the clan, one of the few, and for this reason, among others (his incredible strength and vital chi) he is highly respected by his fellow members.


Glato is a Potato Beetle Spirit and a member of the Loner Clan. He is the only self-sustaining member of the clan, and therefore he does not need to perform a special task in order to be a member. Other members contribute in order to receive nourishment and protection, whereas Glato feasts on abundant plants that are inedible to others. Plus, he is too small to require much protection. He is a content spirit, and enjoys telling stories.




Romra is a Hedgehog Spirit and one of the most important food collectors of the Loner Clan. Though originally not an impressive food collector, Romra came into her own when she realized that, because of her natural defensive strength, both spiritually and physically, she could travel long distances searching for food without being hurt. To this day she consistently leaves the clan territory to collect food, and always returns with plenty of exotic, delicious, and nutritious treats.