Iryna Limanska is one of the popular Ukrainian artist who has doing the fantastic jewelry pieces.

One of the impressive jewelry is Luna moth. Apparently I am not the only one who likes moths! This beautiful fluttering thing is the creation of Iryna Limanska who makes all kinds of flora and fauna inspired wearable pieces.

The attraction here is partly the delicate colors but mostly the rippling edges of the moth wings which gives it a lively and energetic look. Those ripples are a bit of artistic license, however, as the moth she refers to in the listing–the Actias Luna moth–doesn’t ripple like this or have colored edging. I don’t think there are any moths with this kind of rippled edge to its wings, none I could find. But as artists, this is exactly what I think we should be doing–creating something not seen before.

Also, Iryna is doing the fantastic exclusive sculpture jewelry. Her technique of performance is beginning from Ancient Egypt, Japan, fairy-tale characters, and ending with animals, birds, reptiles and marine flora and fauna.

Iryna does a lot of this altering nature in small ways in her work. Check out the flower petal skirts on her ballerina silhouettes and her succulent boutonnieres, all listed in her Etsy shop.

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