The time lapse video has almost become an art form of its own, its great to watch back as a visual document or blue print to my work. Created in oil paint on canvas I work with my fingers. I found myself finger painting after years of wood carving, and as a carver I always brush away the chipping and dust by hand to feel the texture and shape of the sculpture as it comes to life. So it made sense to adapt the same approach to my art. and life my carving this style allows me to manipulate the paint with one to five fingers at a time on the canvas to the point of sculpturing the thick paint (try doing that with five brushes at once!) and given everyone’s fine motor skills having been refined throughout there lives and able to adapt to the world so easily, I found it a great skill to turn to art. So ditching the brushes, and with this new found freedom I picked up the latex gloves and loaded my fingers with oil paint and blending and sculpted the thick oil paint on the canvas.

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