My whole life I’ve been an artist and a dreamer. I left my own country—Italy—when I was 20 to pursue a career as contemporary dancer. After an injury shattered my dream I found comfort in photography. I quickly made photography a full time job and became a fashion photographer.

I loved creating romantic and feminine images but after a few years in the business I started to feel torn inside. I kept seeing many of my beautiful friends tormented by low self esteem, I kept hearing them saying horrible things about their own bodies and the way they looked (and I have been guilty of that in the past too). It was breaking my heart. And then, one day it hit me: “What am I doing?! ” I realized I was contributing to my friends suffering. With the work I was producing I was helping creating those very unrealistic standards of Beauty that make so many women suffer and even encourage gender inequality in a way. I couldn’t bare with the idea so I decided to put my skills to use to do something about it and make a statement: that Beauty is accessible to anyone and it doesn’t look anything like what the media is forcing on us.

I went on a quest, a ‘Quest for Beauty’! I am now travelling the world, photographing and interviewing everyday women immerse in their everyday life to show that EVERY woman is Beautiful.

Quest for Beauty is a journey that, through different cultures, will hopefully remind us to find acceptance and pride in the way we look and to love ourselves for who we are. Our uniqueness is, in my opinion, the best asset we have and there’s nothing more beautiful than being our beautifully unique selves!

More info:

Laura – Monno, Italy

Emily – New york, United States

Chaima and Khadija – Agadir, Morocco

Daa – Chichen Itza, Mexico

Clara and liliana – Trinidad, cuba

Marilyn – Hong Kong

Lin – Hoi An, Vietnam

Beth – New York, United States

Annika – Monno, Italy

Khadouj – Agadir, Morocco

Unique – Hong Kong

Be & Han – Sapa, Vietnam

America – Teabo, Mexico

Thuy – Hoi An, Vietnam

Jamila – Marrakech, Morocco

Chaima – Agadir, Morocco