The moment I saw pictures of the Deadvlei featured in National Geographic I knew I just had to go there. So my girlfriend and me bought our tickets to Namibia to drive our way through the desert to this valley in Sossusvlei National Park in the Namib Desert.

Featured in The Cell with Jeniffer Lopez for its dreamy landscape, Deadvlei is well-known for unique color palet. These colours are at its best during sunrise, so it’s important to get up early to experience this magnificent spectactle.

It’s 5.15 and my girlfriend and me are waiting in front of the park’s gate until we get green light to enter the park. This is usually when sunrise starts. Once the gate opens, we rush the next 60 km through an unlit desert with only our headlights giving us visibility. For the last 5 km you have to drive through sand, so it’s important to have a good 4×4 and good driving skills. Luckily, I’m used to drive in Africa, as I’m an African resident!

We quickly jump out of our car once we reach the dune we were searching for and start to climb our way to the top. It proved to be an intens exercise! Once we reached the top, we had a breath-taking view of Deadvlei with its white salty bottom and its 1000+ year old tree skeletons dotted all over the place.

Meanwhile the sun was rising behind us and getting towards the edge of the dune. This is the interesting part. It was time to go downstairs and watch the shadows move over the valley, creating a fantastic game of different shades of blue, white, yellow, orange and black constantly changing into another shade.

We had a good walk around the valley, taking many photographs, which almost look surreal! Once the sun was high in the sky and the temperature was rising, we went back for our car to now discover the rest of the National Park. For a long time we both said nothing, but the smile on our faces said everything.

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50 shades of blue!

As if God went over the sky with a paint brush

Sun coming up!

Desert doesn’t mean there can’t be any green!

Yes, those pictures are not photoshoped nor filtered!

Alien landscapes

A satisfied traveler!