To honor World Spay and Neuter day, I wanted to showcase some of my new photos of the many adorable kittens available for adoption at the Cat House on the Kings – the largest no-kill, no-cage cat shelter in California, home to over 700+ cats and kittens on a 12-acre property in Parlier, California. It is a nonprofit cat rescue operation, which receives no government or public funding and relies entirely on donations from the public to carry out its mission.

Unfortunately, the road to cat adoption is often a long and strenuous one. Each spring jump starts “kitten season,” meaning in our community large numbers of unwanted kittens are regularly dumped in nearby orchards, abandoned in trash cans, or left on the streets to fend for themselves against cars, coyotes, and starvation. Every year the Cat House on the Kings steps up to take in not only healthy kittens, but hundreds of sick and injured kittens as well. In 2014 the animal shelter took in 1,030 homeless kittens.

The kitten photos you see here are just a few of the hundreds of inhabitants the Cat House will put up for adoption this year (to date they have placed over 24,000 cats and 7,000 dogs in new homes). Not only does the Cat House feed, treat, and care for these cute kittens, they offer a low-cost spay and neuter clinic to the local community to help control Fresno County’s ever-growing stray cat population (so far they have helped fix over 40,000 animals).

As a regular Cat House volunteer, each week I get to take pictures of the kittens who are ready for adoption. It’s a tough job making this photo series but someone has to do it! You can see more about the sanctuary here in my previous post.

More info:

A crew of adorable kittens waiting for their forever homes

So if you’re ready to play

Be sure to adopt a rescue pet today!

Here, the ENTIRE building dedicated just to kittens

Many babies arrive at the shelter early – like this litter of 3 week old kittens

At the Cat House, kittens make many new friends

Who despite a rough start, have a safe home here

Like this beautiful healthy girl who was near death when rescued

It’s lovely when they pose so nicely

Especially when they smile for the camera

Catching kittens pre-pounce can be a challenge

But it’s so much fun when they’ve got whiskers galore

Even blind kittens will find homes through the Cat House

Yaar! Like this little guy, One Eyed Willy

Spayed and Neutered – this pair won’t add to the kitten population

There are SO many rescue pets needing homes

And…those kittens who don’t find homes

Are free to roam the 12-acre property until they do!