One of the things that I strive for most with this series is for the first view to be about the complexity of the image. With a second view required to uncover the simplicity. We live in time in which complexity is king. We are currently pushing technology to new magnitudes, taking evolution to the next level and have become infatuated with the faster and stronger. With focus on the elevation of elaborate, there is little reflection on basics; to finding all you need in the simplest of forms.

My Puddle Reflections ® series fulfills the current worlds need for pushing the limit, for challenging the mind, for the opportunity to translate your own meaning. That however is only upon initial review. The juxtaposition of my series is that the viewer is allowed to explore their individuality, while realizing that seemingly complex images are truly the most simple, even mundane everyday things. Showing that if you take time to slow down, look around and focus on the simple, that even in everyday life a complex need is fulfilled.

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Blue & Pink Fall Sunset

Sand & Sunset Clouds

Cable Cars Passing Among Brick Sky

Clouds & Stars After the Storm

Clouds Melting on the Hot Asphalt

Oil Slick Among the Clouds

Oily Sky & Clouds

Under the Bridge

Boulders in the Sky

Nighttime at the Arcade

Harbor Sunset

Space Shuttle