My artistic path started in childhood, when I won children’s painting contest. My professional speciality is “Artistic furniture restoration” and interest on metal I gained eighteen years ago, which in a long time became my main job.

Art tendency that I create is quite rare, it’s called “Plastic Arts”, which is something in between sculpture and jewellery. This field demands extremely high professional skills, which are achieved by practice and hard work. I am working both with bronze, brass and precious metals – gold and silver. I also often use glass enamel, it is very sophisticated process, where high temperatures are used to smelt coloured enamel and cover it on metal. I have discovered my own methods, how to coat my figurines with enamel. Art pieces are made exclusively only by hand, no computer simulation is used.

Almost all my works are travelled abroad, as a gift or is in private collections. My dream is to travel as much as my art.

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The writer

Sleeping cat

Lets go for a ride



…and the end result. “Under the sail”

Symposium in abandoned manor

“Roulette” – Before

“Roulette” – After

The Bishop

It is all in the details:

The King

The Knight

Part of the chess set

How it`s made