Ever want to know what a Bogeyman from another country looks like? Well, here I recreate (Yes, I drew these) of what these International may look like from my point of view. I even give them special spooky names, matching their appearances. More will come soon! Hope you like them!

NOTE: Please help me find the true names of these bogeymen presented here. Thanks!

And be sure to click on the photos for more of their back stories!

Emperor Baka Namahage (Japan)

Baka here is based off of the Real Namahages in Japan. He’s nicknamed, “Father of The masks”. He’s known to kidnap children from their homes. Imprisons them at his haunted palace, then Zombiefied them to make them his children forever. He’s the ONLY royal Bogeyman up to date so far.


The Arachnid (France)

This scary fellow is part snake, Part spider and part man and all things terrifying! He hunts down naughty children and traps them in his web like flies. He likes to lurk on dark, lonely streets in France, Hoping to catch a victim off guard. He’s also a spooky mascot for a haunted Amusement park.

CURSED ITEM: A scary Bedtime story. He has no cursed item at the moment.

Krampus (Germany)

My favorite German Legend. Also known as “The Yule Lord” or “The Shadow Of St. Nicholas”. When the Christmas Season. Some folks would be excited. But in Germany, Mostly of December 5th. (Krampus Night) That’s when the Krampus comes to snatch away naughty children in his sack and takes them to his underworld to feed upon them. You better be good and don’t call him Goatman!

CURSED ITEM: Bells and chains mostly.

Mr. Bogeyman (Ireland)

You better be good. Don’t mock him. And don’t open his music box!!! He’s much scarier than a Banshee! This guy was a Warlock one time and he knows where you hide. Some say, If you open his music box and play his song, he will come out and haunt you till he finally got you in his grasp. He’s no laughing matter…

CURSED ITEM: His Music box.

The Grinning Devil (England)

Is he the son of the devil? maybe. But this fellow his supernatural powers of ESP, Telepathy and Knows the future. Mostly terrible things. He’s called, The grinning man, based on an old Children Rhyme. He’s called that cause of his scary smile. Don’t mistaken for the Smiling man. So if you see this man on foggy nights. You better pray that he dosen’t see your future.

CURSED ITEM: A creepy Children’s Rhyme.

The Harlequin (Italy)

His name saids it all. This mischievious jester loves to scare the soul out of you. Scaring you and mess with your mind. But behind the mask lies his sad past of true love never complete. Also he carries around a cursed Ash Urn with a poem that is his curse to the cruelity of the world. His poem is most famous and told to children from parents. Lesson? Never be cruel to anyone and protect your love ones. But just don’t bring that ash urn into your house…

CURSED ITEM: His ash urn (With his ash remains in it) and his cursed poem.

SlenderBlade (America)

You heard of Slenderman, right? But what about his cousin? SlnderBlade does the same stuff as Slenderman does. Haunt about in spooky foggy forests. Stalking his victims at home and taking away children to be eaten. All that fun stuff. But he also likes to flirt with the ladies once in a while. Beware the symbol! (X)

CURSED ITEM: His pages and his favorite symbol. Watch out!

Mister Babadook (Australia)

This spooky cutie is my most favorite Bogeyman and it was him that got me into the Bogeyman craze. You may recognize him from a spooky horror film from Australia, Not too long ago. But can’t resist that guy. He has a face only a mother could love. That I love!!! Sometimes he’s scary. But to me, He’s adorable! Shy, sweet, polite, child-like and has his own storybook! Awesome!

CURSED ITEM: His pop-up Story book.