I started dog photography about two years ago, and I met a lot of wonderful furry models that I loved since the very first moment. About one year and a half ago I had the pleasure to take some pics of this beautiful little Slate Merle Border Collie puppy, she was only two months and full of energy, it was February, a sunny but cold day. When I saw the raw file of this pic I saw all the potential of the image, the pose and the look of the puppy and the beautiful light enlightening her. I decided to make this winter shot an autumn pic warming the colors and adding leaves and this is the final result!

The pic has been shared hundreds of time on Instagram and other platforms such as Pinterest, Reddit, etc..

Hope you like it!

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Autumn Memories

First snowfall

On the top of the world

Walking on water

Meeting new friends


Autumn is in the air!!

Flying dog!


Raksha in cornfield


Enjoying water

Winter sunset


Selene in cornfield