“When shooting, try to show what, without you, no one would see,” said Robert Bresson. This motto turned my life upside down about 6 years ago. It’s probably why photography became my passion and still fills my every free moment. The camera became my friend, which on one hand forces me to kneel on my knees in the wet grass, but instead helps my filter picture of the world and extract only what is beautiful and valuable.

It requires me to focus and humility, but in return allows me to keep these beautiful images for longer. The same are also my photos – often done on the knees, give a fleeting beauty of nature, which allows you to look at itself in this way only once, briefly.

It is the nature perhaps, my favorite model, which itself creates a vivid and magical images. While it only requires patience and good light. And that’s what I try to convey in my photographs – my own, intimate look at reality.

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