Hi, I’m Piotrek and I live in Warsaw, Poland. My adventure with photography started when I was about 11-12 years old. Back then I’ve mostly played with my father’s camera, I’ve been experimenting a lot and mostly having fun.

Trough my whole life I didn’t put a lot of work into improving my photography skills but when my long-term relationship ended I’ve become very depressed and simply sad… I didn’t have a clue what to do to get out of it and then an idea came to my mind – why not take my camera outside and just take photos? Nothing more.

I started to understand more about the manual features of the camera and learning a lot but mostly I’ve taken photographs of my nearest surroundings and nature. One day I thought – why not to go out to the city and make some photos of people passing by, it wasn’t that easy because I have a low self-esteem and I didn’t believe that I can make good photos but I had nothing to lose and that was the day when I’ve discovered street photography. The journey is still on…

It was one of my first street photos – like that man I was also looking into the future

People sometimes spot me – this photo is called “Shy”

Then I’ve experimented with angles and framing

One of my favourites – a group of people waiting for a green light (mine just turned)

Sometimes I like to sneak and wait for shots

And sometimes a situation comes to me by itself – a contrast between young and old

The best results come when people aren’t aware of being photographed

And like this man – it sometimes good to work alone

And discover a new world

So I walk through the streets of Warsaw and capture every moment

I’ve had a low self-esteem but taking photos have put a good burst into my life

I really enjoy taking photos of people and also architecture

At my photo-journeys I sometimes meet a very positive people!

It’s good to collect all the slices of Warsaw’s life

I wonder what got the attention of that kid

And why that lady is alone? Is that the way she rest or maybe something different?

I called this photo “Follow Me”

I’ve had to build a lot of confidence to break trough the fear of taking photos of strangers

And thanks to that, the music came to my heart

So if you are thinking about street phtography

Just grab whatever camera you are using and go on a journey!