I’m an Art History teacher, blogger, lecturer and MA student from Israel.

I write about the connection between art history and popular culture in my blog for the past 6 years. Recently I’ve opened an Instagram account that show comparisons of images – one of them is from art history and the other was inspired by it.

I want to show that so many images in our very visual world of 2018, has their roots in the art history world.

In learning art history we become more aware to the real meaning of images and symbols which surround us, we see things differently.

Art is everywhere – in music videos and cinema, in ads and tv shows, and art is for everyone.

More info: Instagram

Disney’s Frozen meets jean honore fragonard

Disney’s The Little Mermaid meets Georges de la tour

Beyonce meets Michelangelo

E.T. meets Michelangelo

Katy Perry meets Mondrian

Rihanna meets Keith Haring