My name is Lena Pavlova and I have an imaginary cat called Inzhyr. He is 6 years old and I guess he will never die since it is very easy to take care of him. No, it isn’t a shizophrenia, Inzhyr has become somewhat an art project.

Embodied in different techniques and styles, my cat became more than real for my offline and online Friends. Besides, he has his own Facebook friends and instagram followers, so it might be a case of a massive hallucination.

Inzhyr loves sushi, books and revolutions – he was present at the Kyiv Maidan protests from the very first night. Now he sometimes helps the Ukrainian army to fight against the rats on the eastern front-line. Nevertheless, he dreams of peace as we all do.

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The Selfie Mopstick

Reading Books

Cooking Fish Soup

Eating Christmas Tree Decorations

Holding The Universe

Facebook Addict

Visiting Odesa City

Playing At Home


Drinking Tea

Fishing Envy

Spending Weekends

On Maidan Christmas Tree