Hello, dear friends. My name is Daria, I live in Russia, in the city of St. Petersburg.

My hobby and my weakness are handmade soft toys.

I like minimalism in these toys, the simplest things, in my opinion, are the most soulful and touching.

That’s why in my works I try to use a minimum of components – thread, buttons, colors and material for creating faces and paws.

Secret ingredients are bells, three in each body. This melodic chime pacifies and envelops with its calmness.

About the history of creating some of my toys I can review one story.

Once in a new house, some my things began to disappear constantly, floorboards creaked and strange sounds were heard in distant rooms. And one day, when I turned around, I saw a flicker silhouette in the next room. He was fluffy and brisk. I was frightened and interested at the same time, after all, there were no animals in the house at that time.

I read a long time different topicsaboutpucks in the house) In the end, there was only one way out: I decided to make up with it.

I do not really remember what I said to it, except for asking not to scare me anymore, and in exchange it can take any things, only with the condition of returning these things back.

And after a few days I realized that the fear had disappeared, and I began to feel comfortableat home, and things stopped disappearing.

So, I do not know what it was – the game of my imagination from fatigue, or just a wandering cat, but I still remember that flickering silhouette…

In many of my works I try to translate my thoughts on the topic, “How could a puck looks like” – cheerful, sad, shy or impudent.

I think every house has its own creature and everyone has it special.

I will be very pleased if any of you, will feel the same as me, looking at my handmade toys.

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