I started working with Emma four years ago. She’s a graphic designer by trade. But an artist at heart.

Over the years, I’ve got the sense that she lives with anxiety.

And I always wondered if this walked hand-in-hand with her gift (by the way, she doesn’t see it as a “gift” – just a learned skill through years of practice).

She’s an introvert. And doesn’t quite know how good she is.

Recently, she opened up about living with Generalised Anxiety Disorder … and Depression.

She done so because she wanted to capture how the conditions can make her feel, in her artwork.

It impacted me in a way I never expected.

She then offered to do the same for others living with similar conditions.

The illustrations are all themed around Christmas, too – as the season can be an even more difficult time for her.

I know a lot of you guys are introverted, too. And I know a lot of that introversion walks hand-in-hand with YOUR creativity. And so I’m really hoping you appreciate Emma’s artwork in this project.

Most of all. I hope it helps.

Much love,


More info: allcleartravel.co.uk

Generalised Anxiety Disorder

“When I’m at my most anxious, the thought of being in a traffic jam fills me with pure dread. In the run up to Christmas, the roads seem permanently busy, especially with late night shopping in lots of places. I feel compulsions to constantly check, and double check traffic news, and plan multiple back up routes. That’s if I can even find the courage to leave the house to begin with.” ~ Emma

Image credits: www.allcleartravel.co.uk


“Christmas is supposed to be a time to be with our families, extended families and our closest friends. To be joyful, merry and festive. This wouldn’t be the case for me. I would try to smile for my wife, tried to laugh and encourage my children to play and tried to engage with my friends. Behind the scenes, I’m in a dark place, I’m a nervous wreck, I hated to be around others, I didn’t want to speak to anyone. I would ask the wife & kids to go elsewhere and I would stay at home alone. I dreaded the door bell ringing, and wouldn’t answer the phone. I just wanted to hide away until it was all over.

“I know now the people that suffered from my condition were my nearest and dearest, my wife, and my children. I can never replace those lost years.” ~ James

Image credits: www.allcleartravel.co.uk

Eating Disorders

“Christmas dinners out with friends/colleagues bring about those agonizing arguments in your head: Will I be able to go to a restaurant or will I have a panic attack the minute I walk in? You find the menu online so you can inspect it beforehand and be prepared for where you’re going. You try not to panic or cry as you have to eat in front of other people.” ~ Debbie

Image credits: www.allcleartravel.co.uk