Hello! This is Sandra N, an artist from Romania. Recently I had my wedding, which, as a huge Disney fan, I made it all Disney themed: my dress, (Belle), grooms outfit, the bridesmaids(each one a princess), the parents, the godparents and most of the guests were Disney characters. Also, all wedding decor was Disney inspired, on the tables we had Lumiere, Mr pots, the Magic Rose from Beauty and the Beast, the candy bar was magical also, with Cinderellas shoes, crown, tiaras, and, of course magic castles, Beauty and the Beast inspired. Our wedding dance, was actually a duet: we both sang Tale as old as time, and, as the venue was baroque French 1800 inspired style, we both had exactly 2 parallel stairways to went down from, just like the famous dance in Beauty and the Beast, both looking the same as the main characters. We manage to rent a fairytale looking, neoromanian style -1900s mansion, before the wedding ceremony, to make some photos and drink a tea, then we had our religious ceremony in a beautiful old church, full of history, from our mountain little birth city. 

I thought this was a unique idea, I worked on it more than 1 year, the research, the ideas, to order each element and put it together, handmade it to look Disney enough. Lumiere for example, the Beauty and the Beast character was handpainted by my cousin. The Magic Rose in a glass was also handmade assembled by us. I thought it was a cute idea to spread it all over the world!

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Disney bride (Belle) and Disney bridesmaids, each one a princess

The Disney squad

Our Beauty and the Beast wedding cake