My dad died of early onset dementia three years ago. Through out their marriage my mom had a dream of making making clothing for girls, inspired by the fashions and films she loved. She was my dad’s carer over the last years of his life and didn’t have time to devote to this. But she promised him before his death, that she would make her dream a reality.

And she did. She kept her word, her promise and poured her heart and soul into it all.

I am sharing her website with you all because I think it shows what the love and support of two people can accomplish. She has made hundreds of dresses and each piece is unique. Something she would often call my dad, “I’ll tell you one thing, he’s unique; one of a kind.”

Thank you all for looking!

More info:

My mom was inspired by the dresses that Grace Kelly wore and it is this look that she has tried to capture here

My mom has always been a bright and fun person and I think she communicates this in the dresses she makes

My mom always makes sure that the accents match the fabric

A woman of all seasons, my mom wanted to make sure she had Winter covered too!

Hours of work went into each outfit and this dress is no exception. It took her 10 days to finish this

Audrey Hepburn is another huge influence on her designs

My mom loves details, little nods to a theme that ties everything together

Colors are a huge element to each piece and each color matches the overall theme of the dress

My mother looks to the past as much to the future with many of her outfits and you can see that with this funky but modern number!