My hobby is to create different handmade interior small toys. For a long time I made figurines of wool. But with time I wanted something more, and I began to combine materials. I prefer natural materials such as wool, cotton, silk, paper and wood. But often the emphasis or the characteristics of my toys, I prefer to transfer by paints, especially last times.

I started using recycled materials, the wheels of the aircraft – a button from a vintage children’s coat. The buttons on the vest of owl – original antique buttons off shoes. I made stump for mushrooms from old branches of cherries from the garden of my parents. Almost all the small pieces of fabric that I use in my works have own history.

Now I show you a few of my creations.

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I go faster and faster for love

I know what you did last night

My first realistic bear

Little pirate

This rose for the most beautiful

A cake for a friend

I’m a Pumpkin girl, in a Pumpkin world

Autumn finds

Trio “The Beeeeetles”

Primitive owl

If I can fly