My Cat Has a Home is a social campaign designed to promote responsible adoptions. It was started by Łucja Lange in November 2012. Currently there are thirty photo-volunteers, who work all over Poland and also in Europe (Berlin, Majorca, Leeds).

We visit homes of cats, dogs, hamsters and other animals and create photo-stories from our visits. Effects of our photographic work can be found on our blog, together with the story of each of the animals.

Through our pictures and texts we spread positive message, opposing all the negative information served by the media. We show that there are lots of people who are good caretakers for whom cat or dog is not only an animal, but most of all a friend and family member.

During four editions of our campaign we took pictures of over 430 cats, 70 dogs, 9 rats, 5 rabbits, 7 guinea pigs, 3 chinchillas, 2 degus, peacock, parrot, hedgehog, pig, and also hamsters, mice and lizards.

We warmly invite you to join our campaign and become a member of our group, our photo-volunteer.

More info: Facebook