Both my boyfriend and I are avid Lord of the Rings fans. A mutual hobby of ours, is Larp (Live Action Role Play) where he dresses up as a lotr dwarf, and I as an elf (and we beat up orcs. Yes it’s a thing. You can google it)

Because a Halloween party was out of the question this year, we decided to have a small party with just the two of us. Apart from lots of delicuous halloween themed fingerfood, candy and scary movies we also decided to dress up. Our costumes? Eachothers larp clothing.

I dressed my very bearded boyfriend in my elf wear, pointy ears, and we managed to get a wig to look like my typical elf hairstyle. He dressed me up in his dwarf costume (uncluding a fake beard, since my face is otherwise very hairless…..)

And of course we had to take pictures. I hope you enjoy them as much as we did taking them!

Oh and for reference: at the bottom are some pictures of us in our own costumes.